TacTiles. Alternative To Sticking Carpet Tiles.

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The typical method of installing Carpet Tiles in Ireland, has for many years been the all over tackifier (glue) system. The fitter pours out some adhesive & gets to rolling. We then have to wait for a dry tack to form, which can take a while depending on conditions, before we start placing in our carpet tiles.

And yes, we’ve all seen carpet tile installations done without a trace of adhesive, or maybe just spot fixed with a few dabs of glue. Usually though, we can spot these straight away… shifting tiles & gaps everywhere.

Any fitter worth his salt, well at least here in Galway, as I can’t account for anywhere else, will spend the extra few cent & use a good quality carpet tile adhesive such as Styccobond F41 from Ball. This method of fixing office carpet tiles in place has been tried & tested, & it works very well. But what if you come across a situation where it’s just not feasible to use an adhesive. Is there another way?

Problems you may encounter:

  • The sub floor underneath needs to be preserved.
  • You simply can’t wait for adhesive to dry.
  • Very strict indoor air policies.

Or, you just love trying out the latest systems for installation.

Another way of sticking carpet tiles

Either way, an alternative adhesive solution from Interface has now been developed, called TacTiles. Like many fitters, I appreciate when an innovative product is developed to solve a problem in the flooring trade. And usually the best ideas are simple in design.

TacTiles are small 3″ square plastic tabs that are placed underneath the carpet tiles where they intersect. The three main reasons I like these as a fitter is:

The benefits

  1. They take up a fraction of the space in your van compared to adhesive.
  2. You can start fitting almost straight away, snap some lines & away you go.
  3. No waiting for tackifier adhesive to dry… it can be painful can’t it.


Granted, it does take a little longer to fit the tiles than normal, due to the fact that you have to place these little sticky squares under all intersections. To be honest though, I found myself getting quite fast at this, & it was great to start fitting the tiles within minutes of snapping a line. It may not suit every carpet tile job, but it definitely has it’s merits. I believe Interface have also developed a TacTile dispenser, that straps onto your leg. Hit a button & out comes a tab, sounds interesting.

If you are a fitter, have you found TacTiles useful in your carpet tile installations? If so, please feel free to leave your comment below & join the conversation.

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