Floorpro fits new carpet tiles in SGS

F loorpro installs new carpet tile flooring throughout SGS offices in Ballybrit business park in Galway. One of the first things to get the boot in an office refurb is nearly always the flooring. In this case, the old floor coverings were well & truly past their best & in need of replacing. This job was completed in stages due to the constant use of all the call centre desks.

It was important to find a tile that not only fitted the budget but also had a good pattern and colour to suit a busy office. Interface Series 1:301, colour 338403 ‘Slate’ was chosen. This is a terrific carpet tile at a very good price point. Made from 100% solution dyed nylon, it’s ideal for high wear areas. As with all quality carpet tiles they provide an anti-slip surface, along with great acoustic and thermal properties.

Available in 8 striking textured linear designs

Dara from Floorpro is becoming one of the best known carpet tile retailers based in Galway. Your job is in good hands. Please contact Dara on 087 9279250 when it comes time to replace your office flooring.

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