Keep your Marmoleum and Amtico floors looking great.

Amtico Maintenance.

After a few years of wear, you may feel like your Amtico floor is looking a little dull. It needs a deep clean & surface coating. Manual mopping only surface glides, and does not agitate the surface enough to get out ingrained dirt. I’ve been maintaining Amtico floors in the Galway area for many years now. I am also fully trained to repair Amtico floors – Dara; Floorpro.

Additional Info: Generally speaking, Amtico floors need very little day to day maintenance other than damp mopping & spot cleaning. Being a pvc based floor covering, pieces of sharp grit on shoes can scratch the surface wear layer of your Amtico floor. Please use non-staining rubber mats (from Amtico) or entrance matting & wipe feet before coming in. Other than that you’ll find Amtico to be a lovely warm & quiet floor.

Marmoleum Maintenance.

Marmoleum has a top shield surface dressing from the factory. Schools in particular though, need to have a good cleaning & maintenance schedule in place. At least once a year, floors need to be mechanically scrubbed, rinsed, and a minimum of 3 coats of high speed burnishing polish applied. Then a maintenance burnishing schedule should be put into place for the corridors on at least a 3 month cycle – Dara; Floorpro.

Additional Info: Marmoleum is a natural floor covering. Especially when it has been maintained by burnishing etc, can be one of the most beautiful & hard wearing floor coverings. However, because Marmoleum is made of natural ingredients, it can also easily be damaged. Sometimes damaged beyond repair by ‘cleaners’, who strip off the surface. They do this by using the wrong type of system & chemicals. Not everyone can maintain Marmoleum floors properly. Contact Dara from Floorpro if you’re in the Galway area.