Connexx Modular Matting system. Supplied & installed by FloorPro in Galway.

The New Alternative to Traditional Aluminium Entrance Matting.


The smartest looking modular matting system on the market. Available in 17mm & 12mm. They are made form soft PVC & each panel (250mm x 250mm) has three inserts to absorb moisture & dirt. – Dara; Floorpro.

From the Manufacturer: CONNEXX offers easy, flexible system solutions for every entrance area. The safety knife makes easy work of cutting, enabling the personal touch to be added in no time at all, CONNECT can be installed into any shaped matwell or entrance area just using a safety knife straight edge and rubber hammer. Dirt remains trapped within the matting keeping the inside as clean as possible.


Very Good Cleaning Performance.

Absorbs High Levels of Moisture.

Easy to Cut and Fit Any Shape.

Easy to Connect and Lock Together.

Smart Looking.


From €00.00 per m2 (€00.00 per y2) supplied & installed. However this will depend on the amount of sub-floor preparation work & complexity etc.
“There\’s no need to keep Balterio in stock, as most Balterio orders are available within just a few days. You\’ll see flooring stores that have a few pallets of various laminate brands in stock, & this is fine if you\’re in a real pinch. But the variety is very limiting & more often than not, these are lower quality brands being sold, not Balterio” – Dara; Floorpro.
“Your new Balterio floor can be installed over a variety of different underlays. From bog standard white foam, to parquet felt boards. Depending on your budget, I\’ll help you choose one that suits” – Dara; Floorpro.