5 Reasons why carpet tiles are the best choice for your office refurb.

By August 11, 2016Carpet Tiles
5 Reasons To Choose Carpet Tiles in your office refurb

If you work in an office environment, it would be difficult not to notice how widespread the use of carpet tiles has become. And for very good reason. Carpet tiles perform great under heavy traffic conditions. They are also comfortable, & depending on your choice can be very stylish indeed.

Carpet tiles are modular. So unlike broadloom carpet sheet which are permanently stuck down, carpet tiles are flexible. This allows you to make layout changes. In the case of raised access floors, underfloor utilities such as electrical and telephone wiring are easily accessible, if you use carpet tiles.

So let’s explore the top 5 reasons for choosing carpet tiles.

1) Damaged or stained tiles are easily replaced.

Where a broadloom carpet has been used, this is much more difficult to do. Carpet tiles have joints on all 4 sides. Therefore, joints are to be expected. Taking up one damaged tile and replacing with a new tile is acceptable. Whereas, cutting out a patch of broadloom carpet and trying to seam in a new piece, will stand out far more than the latter.

It’s true that the pile (particularly loop pile) will flatten over time with wear, creating a distinction between old and new tiles. However, they quickly wear into place. Depending on the type of tile chosen, this is barely noticed.

2) Very suitable for use with Raised Access Floors.

The whole purpose of a raised access subfloor, is simply that you have access to wiring etc underneath the floor at a future date. If you’ve had a stick down carpet sheet installed, what you’ve effectively done is trap the entire access to those utilities. Sure, you can rip up the floor covering, but it’s very unlikely your floor covering will be in any condition to go back down again.

Carpet tiles are usually installed over a thin layer of non-permanent adhesive called tackifier, which means they are releasable without damage to the bitumen tile backing.

3) Least disruptive type of office floor covering.

On many occasions I’ve fitted carpet tiles in large office rooms where all the desks, chairs, tables etc are moved to one side of the room, allowing me to fit on the other half.

Carpet tiles are quick to install, so large rooms can be installed & back to normal within one day. This is just not possible with other types of floor coverings, where normally you would have to empty the rooms entirely, disrupting the office for longer periods of time.

4) More comfortable.

Don’t under estimate how much better the acoustics will be in a working office environment if you use carpet tiles versus a hard floor covering type.

Sure, you can put down laminate flooring etc, but the clickity clack noise of foot traffic and indoor acoustics will grate on you. I’ve heard from customers who complained of headaches at the end of the day because of noise levels in offices/classrooms where a hard surface floor covering was installed.

Carpet absorbs and insulates the sound in and between rooms. They also provide better walking comfort & are naturally slip resistant.

5) Stylish and Modern.

Before you say… ‘I think carpet tiles are boring’, you might just want to take a look at what’s on offer these days. It’s true… for budget reasons, the standard loop pile carpet tile can be a little boring. They tend to blend into the background without much notice, although doing a superb job as a durable office floor covering.

However, things have changed. From vibrant colours to unusual patterns & weaves. The choice nowadays is huge, with some very innovative products on offer. The latest trend in carpet tiles are skinny planks (25cm x 1m) See here for example from Interface. These can even be laid parquet style. Given the superb choice that’s on offer these days, there really is no excuse not to provide a stylish & more pleasant environment to work in.

Can you see any more advantages in choosing carpet tiles? Leave your comment below & join the conversation.

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